Auto Insurance Quotes for Every Kind of Driver

Depending on the type of driver you are, your auto insurance quotes can range in price – sometimes varying by hundreds of dollars. Knowing what to expect when shopping for an individual car insurance plan can save you frustration and stress when trying to make a decision. Before beginning the process of shopping for various quotes, it is important to have a few documents readily available to assist in the selection. An adequate driving record and history of citations, along with a general history of how you use the vehicle to be insured should be on hand. These documents will help generate a more accurate quote and portrait of your particular driving style.

Drivers with a history of accident free driving and minor to no moving violations can obtain many safe driver discounts while similar discounts exist for drivers who do not operate their vehicle frequently. Safe drivers are required to have documentation to support their claim on hand when obtaining a quote so it is important to keep the documentation close by. The same is true for drivers who drive less frequently, an accurate timeline of any mileage accrued on the vehicle should be available to obtain the best possible rate for the minimal driving style. While discounts are more common for less driven vehicles, other options are available for higher mileage vehicles.

Business plans and work vehicle coverage options are cheaper plans that are meant to alleviate the costs of high rate insurance plans due to a vehicles frequent use. These work plans can be liability based plans, where the insurance company pays for any damage, to another party's property, which the insured driver is liable for. This type of coverage keeps the high rates generated by the frequent use mitigated, with more manageable monthly premiums. To qualify for a business vehicle plan, it is important to be able to show how the vehicle is used for work purposes. Different business plans are available through different insurance companies, so as always it is important to obtain different quotes to achieve the best deal possible.

High mileage drivers that do not use their car for work purposes can also obtain lower auto insurance quotes by maintaining a safe driving history. Full coverage plans are more expensive but are more comprehensive and better protects the driver's property and finances if an accident is to occur. With a highly trafficked vehicle, the risk for an accident is greater and therefore the monthly premium is naturally higher. However, with the increased risk comes the increased benefit of having full coverage, making it a popular option amongst frequent drivers.

Understanding where you fit in these categories of drivers can help you shop for the best discounts, tailor coverage to your needs, and find a car insurance policy that is right for your lifestyle.


What to Know When Shopping for Auto Insurance Quotes

If you live in the United States, you are legally required to carry car insurance if you operate a vehicle. The specifics depend on the state you live in, but usually you will need to carry at least liability coverage. Since you can't get around this requirement, your next best action is to shop around for auto insurance quotes smartly. This can save you time and money, and hopefully make the necessity of car insurance less of a burden.